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[pours water back and forth between beakers] im a sciencer

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Anonymous whispered:
why "spoopy"

You have no right to question our life choices.

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W̹̒̈̅Ḙ̬͖̤̆ ̼̠̝̪̮ͅM̟͎̬͋͒U̟͇̺̪͋̂S̠͇͉̲̜̊͐Ṯ̭̙͇̠̌̌̇ ͖̬̮͈̺̦̖̇͒C̟͍̞̗̝̈́̆ͥE̷̓̀L̞̋ĘͬͨͦͥB̞͉̳͢R̤̋̓͛̇Ạ͓̪̟̐͆ͬͧT͚͕͉ͬ̾ͪ̅E̟̭͓ͪ̃ͮ̔̊ͦ͢

W̹̒̈̅Ḙ̬͖̤̆ ̼̠̝̪̮ͅM̟͎̬͋͒U̟͇̺̪͋̂S̠͇͉̲̜̊͐Ṯ̭̙͇̠̌̌̇ ͖̬̮͈̺̦̖̇͒C̟͍̞̗̝̈́̆ͥE̷̓̀L̞̋ĘͬͨͦͥB̞͉̳͢R̤̋̓͛̇Ạ͓̪̟̐͆ͬͧT͚͕͉ͬ̾ͪ̅E̟̭͓ͪ̃ͮ̔̊ͦ͢

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Anonymous whispered:
the new icon is scaring the children

Good. We are preparing them for the dismal realities of life. 

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tridrillion whispered:
That cross over the field of innocent looking wheat is a blatant illegal advertisement. Wheat is not innocent, it never was.

Okay, how about we change it to more menacing looking wheat? 

We gave the it angry eyebrows and an evil mustache. 

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Anonymous whispered:
Ever heard of Gravity Falls?

Oddly enough, yes. We have received many letters all sloppily written with the return address of Gravity Falls. The boy who sends them is named Dipper, but that’s not his real name. 

The post office refuses to put the letters into our inbox. They send them straight to the Vague but Menacing Government Agency. They would never say why. Whenever we mention it they just slowly turn their heads 360 degrees and zip their lips. 

It’s probably no big deal. 

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I know you guys don't like wheat, but what is your opinion on barley and barley by-products?

Just a bootleg brand of wheat and wheat byproducts. Lower quality. Not quite as deadly. By that we mean that you will have roughly 8 minutes of pain instead of the usual 3. 

We are indifferent towards it, although apparently it hurts to get your stomach lining torn to shreds. Who knew.

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kraykat whispered:
How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

73.4444… repeating.  

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I heard rumors that [[Redacted]] ate wheat raw.

Those rumors may or may not be true. We are not allowed to comment on convicted felons. [they look around warily and whisper] But between you and me, they TOTALLY did.

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